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Tetis container tracker

The Tetis

Tetis provides a complete tracking and monitoring solution for dry containers. This includes both real-time and after the fact report of your container, documenting its entire journey and highlighting any irregular event.

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Tetis R

Tetis R is the ideal solution for refrigerated cargo and integrates multiple sensors, including a highly sensitive temperature sensor which measures accuracy up to ±0.2°C. The system gathers accurate records of temperature, humidity, and light regularly.By being able to monitor and manage the storage environment of containers and reefers, the risk of damage and loss of freight is significantly reduced.

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Tetis R Hybrid

Tetis R Hybrid provides combined connectivity – both cellular and Iridium satellite, allowing you to track and monitor your cargo anywhere and anytime – even when outside cellular connectivity range. It features all Tetis R capabilities with enhanced connectivity.

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The Lokies

Lokies is a one-of-a-kind smart keyless padlock, with innovative IoT capabilities. The successor of the award-winning WatchLock series carries all its ground-breaking GPS and cellular technology while presenting its own new Bluetooth connectivity and user management abilities.

Lokies requires no keys to unlock, as it can be accessed remotely through the Access Control feature, which also allows you to identify and manage different users with different access authorizations. One more amazing feature of the Lokies padlock is its shackle, which now detects any attempts to breach it and reports in real-time, giving more ways to get notified and take the necessary action to secure your assets. Click here for more information.

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WatchLock Cube

WatchLock Cube is a smart reporting lock that is both versatile and user-friendly. Its electronic shell can fit a variety of C10 padlocks from various manufacturers and can use any AA batteries. The Cube combines advanced GPS and GSM technology with a versatile locking system. It provides user notification such as location, access, and battery replacement status.

The Kylos

Kylos is our stand-alone GPS tracker and management system, perfect for asset management, monitoring, and tracking. Kylos devices do not require any installation and provide essential information – including location, velocity, temperature, impact and light exposure.Thanks to their ease of use Kylos units are the perfect solution for tracking of goods, pets, and other assets, and can also be used as a personal GPS tracker. Kylos units offer a full management solution when used with our mobile and online applications and can be combined with other Starcom products for multi-layer security.With various designs and configurations, we offer a different Kylos for every need:

Compact is a smart personal tracker, combining both cellular communications and GPS technology with built-in sensors, for every aspect of personal tracking. It detects emergency situations, as pre-defined by our event generator - for example, leaving a specific geographic area. It can also detect personal injuries, such as falls and equipped with a panic button. Thanks to its compact design and advanced features, Kylos Compact can also be used as a sleek and easy to hide tracking device, providing enhanced security for precious cargo.

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With a battery life of up to 3 years, and the ability to measure light exposure, temperature and impact - Kylos Forever is the perfect solution for valuable assets and for distanced areas.

Kylos Forever can be left in remote stations and provide once – a – day alert on a consecutive basis, once am emergency event is detected – it starts signaling immediately and provides with real-time valuable information. Built to last – Kylos Forever is used in remote areas and under extreme weather conditions and is the choice of both commercial partners as well as governments around the world.

Kylos Forever comes with two options: as a rechargeable unit and as a non-rechargeable use and toss unit – ideal especially in extremely remote areas and when as a solution for one-way tracking.

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Kylos Air

Kylos Air is a sophisticated tracking system, designed for monitoring and tracking air cargo. To comply with the airlines' regulations, the cellular modem is deactivated during take-off and reactivated automatically upon landing. By being able to monitor and manage the environment of your cargo, the risk of damage and loss can be significantly reduced.

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The Control Center

Our Control Center application defines the operational procedures to handle various emergency situations, including theft, accidents or driver emergency to ensure an immediate and appropriate response suitable for any type of event. Fully customizable, the procedures are tailored to each center with respect to the customer’s requests, local regulations, laws, and language.

For example, in a case of theft, the first step would be to contact the customer to verify that the vehicle had been stolen, the second would be to contact the local police, the third would be to operate the car tracking system to identify the location of the vehicle, the fourth step would be to contact the customer’s insurance providers and so on. The software is a standalone application, refined at the operator’s emergency center. Among other feature, the application:

- Is available in many languages enables adding languages quickly and easily.
- Shows the units over a map using the vehicle tracking system, presenting the nearest forces that can assist, and their relevant information.
- Keeps a log of all the actions performed, dates and users

The Control Center

Our Online web application is one of the most effective tools for a web-based fleet, container and asset management.You can easily manage all your hardware under one platform – so that you can monitor your fleet, your cargo, your team members and more. One detailed map – making it both easy and efficient.

The units registered on the web application are displayed over a detailed map, reporting their status and condition in real time.The application can be used from any computer or mobile device – allowing you to track and monitor your units anywhere, anytime.The advanced sophisticated fleet management system generates operational and statistical reports, according to your needs and requirements.

In only a few simple steps, you can analyze data from cross-section databases (driver behavior/ vehicle behavior/ work hours, etc.) to provide you with a view on patterns, needed for essential management.

The fleet management application is user-friendly and easy to operate. You can prepare a customized event, define where information is routed, and set the timing. The application is backed by built-in support so that anyone can maximize the options it offers.Thanks to our events generator – you can create pre-defined events and receive real-time alerts, providing you with real-time monitoring from anywhere at any time. For example, an alert could be generated by any deviation from specified speed in a specific area, an opening of the cargo door outside the authorized unloading zone and more.  

Olympia Tracking

We offer an Application for both iOS and Android-based devices, enabling you to receive information that matters, sent straight to your mobile phone.

The Mobile Application (named “Olympia Tracking”) has been created to complete our Online Web Application and provides a fast and user-friendly way to keep track of your business or personal concerns whenever your computer is unavailable – anywhere and at any time.

Whether you are in the office or traveling, you can stay in control and find peace of mind straight from the palm of your hand.

Key Features:

– Receive real-time alerts.
– View the location of your devices.
– Get all the details about each device.
– View your list of notifications.
– View each notification’s details and location.